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Specializing in residential resale, new home and condo purchases and property sales in the greater Seattle area.  Focused on the Eastside, primarily by referral covering extended areas within North King County and Snohomish County.

Staging, marketing, listing, touring, showing and selling properties, mentoring and managing Brokers as well as offering select property management services.  

A Realtor committed to assisting buyers, sellers and investors in accomplishing their real estate goals with simplicity!  Streamlining the buying and/or selling process start to finish with a more hands on approach.  Staying in contact and on tract to close, as expected, to the very best of my ability!  My goal is the successful closing of your real estate purchase, sale and/or simultaneous transaction, delivering keys and seeing smiles! 

Powerfully negotiating, avoiding known pitfalls and eliminating foreseen challenges.  Working in the best interest of my clients as well as confidently representing their friends, families, co-workers' referrals!  This is what has kept me in business for over 30 years now as a full time, committed Broker, making the difference and standing out going above and beyond!  

Dedicated to adhering to the highest of standards, respecting our real estate's governing laws, codes & ethical practices.  Working with integrity, continuing education and staying up to speed with our evolving market trends and the advancing her skills in the latest marketing tools and technology...

Experience and knowledge in structuring purchase and sale agreements and negotiating winning terms in competitive markets is imperative!  Whether we're in a balanced, strong or experiencing the hottest buyer or sellers' market - providing detailed comparative market analysis (knowing fair market value of a property), being properly educated and prepared to buy and/or sell, positioning your options while protecting your interest and giving you the advantage! 

"The trusted source for all your real estate needs!"

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Veritas Real Estate

Veritas Real Estate